How to Prepare for Your Trip to The Orchard

We know it can be difficult to plan a trip to the grocery store with kids let alone an apple orchard! We want you to be prepared and have the best family time with us at Cider Hill.

Photo by Natalie fieleke

Photo by Natalie fieleke

Check Our Facebook before you Visit

Every Thursday, we post what types of apples we are picking and any specials we have going on that weekend. Usually, the apples we start to pick one weekend will carry over for the following week.

Don’t forget water, bug spray and sunscreen!

You are at an orchard which is in the great outdoors! We have lots of bugs and bees that pollinate the trees in the spring. It definitely can be warm in September so water is essential to stay hydrated. 

Pack a Lunch or enjoy our homemade BBQ made by the owner, Jeff

We welcome you to pack a lunch and spend the whole day with us. We have many picnic tables or if you want to bring a blanket there are perfect areas for you to have a picnic under a shady tree. 

The other option is our delicious BBQ meal. Jeff smokes brisket and pulled pork weekly for our weekend guests. It includes french fries and your choice of beans or our yummy apple coleslaw. We have chicken tenders for the kiddos too!

Photo by Natalie fieleke

Photo by Natalie fieleke

Bring Your Camera

The orchard has many fun photo opportunities. Snap some photos while you are picking apples or sitting by the bonfire enjoying marshmallows because this might be your new family tradition! Share them with us! We would love to see them.

Like Fishing?

Bring your pole and bait it's catch and release here at the Orchard! We have 5 ponds stocked with fish. You are welcome to fish during the hours we are open.

Prepare to be Patient

Please remember it's a great place to bring the family but it can be busy! We are a family owned orchard so everything we do we do ourselves and the crowds can be hard to handle some times. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience at our orchard.

We hope to see you at the orchard!


Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday 12:00 - 5:00

Open Labor Day 9:00 - 5:00