Eating Apple or Cooking Apple?

Today we are going to talk about the difference between an eating apple and a cooking apple. Many people don’t know that there are types of apples specifically for cooking. 

At Cider Hill Family Orchard, we grow 18 different kinds of apples.  We have both great cooking and eating apples. Based on our experience, we tend to mix several kinds of apples together for our apple food products as well as our Fresh Pressed Cider.  


Cooking Apples

These apples are what you make pies, crisp, sauce and jam out of. The best for pies are the firm flesh and tart taste. When choosing an apple for sauces, the best are the ones that are soft. 

Examples: Jonathons, Rome, Granny Smith


Eating Apples

These apples are the ones that taste good of course! They have a more sweet flavor and can be soft or crisp. 

Examples: Gala, Empire, Fuji, Hilltop, Red Dixie, Pristine, Honey Crisp


All-Purpose Apples

These apples are the jack of all trades of apples. Great for all your cooking needs and taste delicious. 

Examples: Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Winesap, Jonagold, Enterprise, Gold Rush

While these are the outline for the different purposes of apples but we encourage you to experiment by using several different types and seeing what you like best!

See you at the Orchard!