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Cider Hill Item Rental:

2 Large Coffee Pots $15.00                                                 Two coffee pots, each holding 20 cups of coffee, cider or hot water.

Glass Ice Tea Container $15.00

Outdoor Party Grill $75.00                                                   The Party Grill is large enough to cook 100 hamburgers at a time!

Outdoor Griddle $30.00

Cupcake Stand $15.00 

Cake Plates $10.00

Glass Bunch Bowl $10.00 

PA system $75.00                                                                 Sound system which is designed to play music off of a playlist selected by you. Often used for weddings or large events to replace the need and cost of a DJ.

Mason Jars $1.00 each

Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns $1.50 each

Serving Baskets and Trays 5.00-$8.00

Large Wood Slice Serving Trays $15.00

Old Wooden Apple Boxes  $10.00 each

Apple Bushel Baskets $6.00/$4.00/$2.00

Wagons for Little Ones to Sit In $15.00

Small Round Tables $15.00

Short Shepard Hooks (12) $4.00 each

Silver Trays/Silver Bowls prices vary

Silver Water Pitchers (3) $8.00 each

Silver Candle Sticks Three Across $6.00

Many Types of Candle Sticks prices vary

Round Wood Slices Small/Medium $2.00/$4.00 

Large Food Grade Wood Pieces $20.00 each

Light Up Trees 2 Large/2 Medium $15.00/$20.00

Several Galvanized Metal Buckets $7.50/$12.50

Trough Large Drink $30.00

A Old Wooden Door $20.00

Succulent Boxes prices vary

Many colored bottles and jars $1.00 each

Antique China Tea Pots $8.00 each

120 Mix Match China Cake Plates $.75/plate

Burlap/Lace Table Runners $1.00 each

Outdoor Heating Units $40.00 each (without Propane)                                                                                                         $60.00 each (with Propane)

Cider Hill Services Available:

Photography Services $85.00/hour                                                                                                                                              Minimum of two hours. Receive prints on-line or on a CD ($20/CD). “Photo Booth” available: you bring props. (Inquire about separate Wedding Pricing.)

Outdoor Luminary Lighting $75.00                                                                                                                                     Placement of Luminaries to light the road from K-7 to the Event Barn or light the path around the walk-way to the backyard.  Placement of 40 bags.

Face Painting: $60.00/hour

Children’s Train Ride: $75.00/hour

Hayrides: $50.00/hour

Yard Games: Crochet, Corn Hole, Large Beach Balls, Large Frisbees, Life size Yahtzee, Life Size Tic-Tac-Toe 

Dessert Items:

  • Apple Crisp By the Pan:  $2.75/serving (Needs to be ordered in increments of 15 servings)
  • Home-made Apple Pies:  $14.50/pie
  • Caramel Apples:  $6.00/decorated apple
  • Apple Cider:  $8.50/gallon
  • Apple Cider Doughnuts for Corporate Events: $.80/donuts (minimum order 150 donuts)                                                     Donuts are only available from August-November cost of donuts.  
  • Personal Size Bags of Kettle Corn: (minimum order 75 bags) Regular size bags of Kettle Corn can be purchased
  • Personal Size Ice Cream Sundaes: (minimum order 30)  $4.00/person

*Taxes will apply to all food items purchased.                                                                                                                                   *Some items are seasonal.

More Fun Services Available:

Fishing Derby: $100.00

  • We will organize and facilitate a three-hour Fishing Derby to include registration, clarification of rules, measuring/weighing of fish and awarding of prizes.

Walking Tour of Cider Hill Family Orchard: $4.00/guest

  • Educational guided tour around The Orchard lasts about one hour (minimum of 10 people).

Assistance with Birthday Party Planning and On-Site Support: $18.00/hour

  • Organize and Facilitate Children’s Birthday Parties to include on-site support$18.00/hour
  • Face Painting Services $60.00/hour
  • Use of the Cider Hill Apple Train $75.00/hour

Set-Up a Candy Bar-Single Color Candy or Multiple Color Candy Available: $100.00

Ten individual candy jars decorated and full of fun types of candies such as Skittles, M&M’s, Gum-balls, Butter Mints or Candy Corn. Small bags will be provided so guest can take a personalized bag of candy home with them. 

Bon-Fire and Hayride: $200.00/Thirty Guests

Bon-Fire and Hayride for a group of 30 people (Any additional people will be charged at $6.00 each) Hot Dog’s, Chips and a Drink as well as S’mores for the group. Three hour party at the fire-pit.

Catering Service Are Available Upon Request: Price Varies According to # of Guests

BBQ Catering from Cider Hill Family Orchard (other food options are available, just ask!) 

Partnership Services Available:

All Partnership Pricing will be given upon request.

  • Full Wedding Decorating
  • Florist/Flower Planning
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Horse Drawn Carriages for Special Events
  • Caterers
  • Food Trucks