Our Family Welcomes You to The Orchard:

Jeff and Joan Shearer purchased the 38 acre property in the spring of 2011. The family voted on the name which is how it became known at Cider Hill Family Orchard. The Orchard is a new and exciting venture for the Shearer Family.

Both Jeff and Joan have had successful careers in the business world but decided they wanted to take a huge leap of faith and change their lives. It is through their commitment to make a difference; Jeff and Joan have set out to create a very special place to share with friends and family. The Orchard is a true labor of love and each year they hope it will continue to develop, to fulfill their vision and dreams.


The Shearers

Today, Jeff and Joan live just a few minutes from Cider Hill. Their oldest son works in the local area. His love at Cider Hill is fishing and running our annual Fishing Derby’s. His younger sister runs her own photography business in Manhattan, KS. She is the orchard photographer and social media manager. She is very creative and is always working on new products to share at the Orchard.

Jeff and Joan’s oldest daughter is married. She and her husband have recently moved back from Colorado. She is a registered nurse and her husband is a horticulturist who helps take care of the grounds at the orchard.  You will find their daughters running around the orchard often.

Jeff and Joan own and operate the Orchard. Jeff’s passion is woodworking, landscaping and creative design. He is a master at having a vision and being able to build it. Joan’s love is to create “a memorable experience” for each Bride, Birthday Girl or visitor to the Orchard. She often walks the perimeter of the grounds so she can watch the apples grow. The Orchard has become a place of peace and beauty for the couple. The Shearer’s plan on doing lots of “God Work” at the Orchard in years to come.

The Orchard’s mission is to create a place where families can come spend time together either in the Orchard, in the Pumpkin Patch or at the Fishing Pond. It is all about creating memories and making fun family traditions.